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3 years ago with the aim of delivering the industrial -sector, the best value, and quality ever…

Factory yard got created by a group of engineers.

And now in our new look, after 3 years of developing, learning and upgrading, we just want to tell you

The best yet to come.

The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates a customer

Peter Drucker

Meet Our Team

Mohammed El-Kady-factoryyard
Mohammed El-Kady


Samer Amin-factoryyard
Samer Amin

Marketing Consultant

Asmaa Elshamy-factoryyard
Asmaa Elshamy

Senior Web Development

Rana Gamal-factoryyard
Rana Gamal

Senior Graphic Designer

Mo’men Abdallah

Account Manager

Shaimaa ELsheref-factoryyard
Shaimaa ELsheref

Senior Marketing Specialist

Yara Safwat-factoryyard
Yara Safwat

SEO Specialist

Basma Adel-factoryyard
Basma Adel


Sherif Wagdy-factoryyard
Sherif Wagdy

Media Production Specialist

Nada Amin

Business Development specialist

Touka Raaafat -factoryyard
Touka Raafat

Web Developer

Omar Samir

Senior Marketing Specialist

Mina Helmy

Senior Graphic Designer

Abd Elhamid Zahran

Business Developer Specialist

Mostafa Elsherif

Business Development

Menna Medhat

business Coordinator